Cost of IVF

Our global fee is specifically designed to make the cost of IVF in Dallas Fort Worth affordable and covers all services incurred in a typical IVF cycle from start to finish. It also includes the frozen cycle that allows the transfer of embryos frozen from a fresh cycle.

Our IVF Global Fees include the Unlimited Embryo Transfer feature that allows you to use embryos created within 12 months after egg retrieval. You can have peace of mind to proceed with single embryo transfer as many times as you need to reach your goal while avoiding the risks associated with multiple pregnancies. As long as you have remaining embryos, you can keep trying without incurring additional expenses from us.

Please note that unlimited embryo transfer applies only to embryos created from the egg retrieval of a single IVF cycle. Frozen transfer cycles must start within 12 months from the egg retrieval date. Medications are not included. This option is not available to Invocell IVF cycles.

To help pay for IVF treatments, you may want to consider Future Family and United Medical Credit. These financing companies can provide surprisingly affordable monthly payment programs to reduce the financial stress incurred by the treatment expenses.


Common Questions

If the first IVF cycle fails, what's the cost for trying again?

There is no additional cost to use the remaining embryos for up to a year after egg retrieval. However, if you have to repeat the fresh cycle, the cost will be the same as listed in the above table.

What are the IVF discounts for teachers and military personnels?

Teachers and military personnels (or veterans) receive $1,000 discount per person. So if one partner is a teacher and the other is a veteran, the couple will have $2,000 discount from their IVF global fee. These discounts are applicable only to self paying patients.

What is the typical cost of medications for IVF?

The cost of medications for IVF can vary from $2,000 to $6,000 depending on your ovarian reserve and weight. Women with AMH of <1.5 and/or BMI of >35 tend to require higher doses of medications, hence will have to spend more on medications.

Is there financing for IVF?

Yes, there are several external programs that we can refer you to. 

Do you have a money back guarantee program?

You will receive a refund of the fee that covers the unused services such as PGT and/or embryo transfer.

Does insurance cover for IVF?

Insurance IVF coverage depends mainly on the generosity of your employer. A company would have to pay a higher premium to the managed plans in order to have its employees covered for IVF so it may not choose to do so. Our business department will help you understand your benefits.

If I have IVF coverage can I get treatment at any clinic?

Technically you can, but in order to receive the maximum benefits you may have to go to facilities designated by the plans as ‘Center of Excellence’.

What is the cost for long term storage of embryos?

Your IVF global fee covers the storage of embryos for up to 1 year after their creation. For longer storage, we will transport your embryos to Reprotech, a nationwide cryostorage network, which will charge you an annual fee of $400 (the fee may have changed).

What are the fees for PGT?

The fee for embryo biopsy ($2,500) is already included in the global IVF/PGT fee. The fee for testing the embryo for chromosome abnormalities is $150 per embryo and is charged to you directly by Progenesis (an outside laboratory). So if you have 4 embryos to be tested, you will be charged $600 by the lab (the fee may have changed).

How are your fees compared to the other local IVF programs?

Our mission has always been to provide the best care possible with available resources and we feel that our fees are reasonable and competitive with those of other programs.